Managing Portfolios in 2021: The Total Portfolio Approach

Over the past few years, the dramatic financial market developments have led fund managers to review their approach to portfolio management. 

Ultra-low interest rates have decimated returns from bonds and cash and, together with record fiscal stimulus, have pushed asset prices into bubble territory. A lack of viable investment options and the threat of a severe market shock have necessitated a rethink. Portfolio management in 2021 calls for an integrated mindset that enhances decision making, seeks alternative ways to achieve income and returns, and more effectively manages downside risk. 

The challenge has inspired the use of the Total Portfolio Approach within retail investments and super – a method that has been deployed successfully by institutional investors for decades.

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How Managed Accounts Make Your Advice Business Better

Are you looking to service more clients efficiently, while still meeting each individual's unique investment needs? A Managed Account can do just that, leaving you with more time and resources to nurture your business.  

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How to diversify your portfolio and manage downside risk

John Templeton, one of the world’s greatest investors, once famously said, “If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd.” Templeton’s wisdom is particularly pertinent for today’s investors, who continue to pile desperately into overpriced stocks and property markets in the search for yield among record-low global interest rates.

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How to evolve and future proof your financial advisory practice

The financial advice industry is in flux. Clients are increasingly aware of what constitutes quality financial advice and are seeking highly personalised and transparent services. At the same time, new industry standards are driving up compliance costs, putting traditional financial advice models into question. While this has led some firms to exit the industry, others see the changes as an opportunity to evolve their business in order to remain competitive and even boost their profitability.

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How goals based advice creates positive investor psychology

Fortunes have been lost because typical investor psychology rarely aligns with investment success. Most investors can recount stories of losing money after excitedly buying at the top to later sell at the bottom or following the crowd into an overhyped stock. This is why astute financial advice firms are switching to goals based investing; an approach that embraces – instead of struggling against – investor psychology for superior results.

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How to Manage Goals Based Investment Portfolios

The effective management of goals based investment portfolios requires strong investment skills together with ample time and resources, but in return, rewards financial advice firms with satisfied clients and superior business outcomes. 

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Strategic Asset Allocation May be Putting Your Advisory Business at Risk

Strategic asset allocation, the hallmark investment approach of financial advisory firms who use risk profiling to determine a client’s investment portfolios, is under the spotlight, with an increasing number of investment firms questioning whether the strategy remains appropriate in light of the seismic shift seen in financial markets over the past decade.

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3 mistakes to avoid when picking a fundie

There has rarely been a more urgent time to assess whether your money is being optimally managed. Market valuations are close to all-time highs while risk levels are high and long-term real return prospects are near zero. We anticipate re-runs of 2020 over the coming years, with more volatility and markets that ultimately go nowhere.

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Meeting Client Needs; Fixed or Flexible Asset Weights?

Developing client-centric advice models has been a hot topic for many financial planning firms in recent years, with the duty of acting in the client’s best interest further cemented by the newly established Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority's Code of Ethics. This has led some advisors to question whether the conventional weighting of a portfolio across today’s increasingly volatile and highly correlated asset classes satisfies this duty of care.

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Implementing Goals Based Investing in your Financial Planning Business – Part 2

Part 1 of this article examines why advisors are increasingly moving to outsource the investment function of their financial planning business when implementing a goals based investing approach. The next step is to consider a suitable investment and administrative structure that will support the advisor in delivering the key objective of goals based investing; tailoring each client’s portfolio to ensure it meets their unique objectives.

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