Welcome to the ADVISER PORTAL

A wealth of resources for authorised Dynamic Asset partners.

Click on a link and log-in to access our library:

  • Portfolio Construction Tool - used to help you build client portfolios that target specific risk tolerances, return outcomes or income goals.
  • Performance ReportsFund Profiles for use with clients and detailed adviser analysis on all Dynamic Asset portfolios.
  • Offer Documents - access PDS and portfolio mandate information, together with other supporting material from Allan Gray, HUB24 and Mason Stevens.
  • Adviser Support Documents - access reference documents like SoA templates, client presentations, calculators, platform information, user guides as well as other supporting services like Para-planning services.
    • We also provide a collection of academic research papers on Goals Based Advice, Goals Based Investing and Advice Business Operations.
  • Dynamic Asset - Research and Governance - access information about Dynamic Asset, such as independent research reports, investment philosophy and team bio's.

To learn more about Dynamic Asset and discover how our whole-of-business Managed Accounts solution can benefit your advice business, contact us now.



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