Webinar: Markets in crisis: portfolio management for the new era

The economy has entered a phase that hasn't been seen for over 30 years. Interest rate hikes, geopolitical crises and high debt, places every segment of the market in serious trouble - and it's only the beginning.

How do you manage portfolios in such a challenging environment? What can you do to ensure your advice business survives and thrives? 

Watch Dr Jerome Lander and Matthew Walker from Dynamic Asset discuss this and more in this compelling, insight-driven webinar recording.

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Advisers: Using technology to fight rising costs

The rising tide of regulatory requirements and constantly increasing client expectations are driving adviser costs skywards.

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Which central bank policy mistake are we waiting for?

World stock markets are facing much consternation over key issues, including high inflation and the path of interest rates, the Ukraine war, and the Covid pandemic in China, all acting to disrupt supply and global trade.

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Why Managed Accounts are the hottest game in town

A recent report published by IMAP (The Institute of Managed Account Professionals) in conjunction with Millman has shown further rapid growth in investments held within Managed Accounts.

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Accelerate advice business with outsourced paraplanning

It has become significantly more challenging to sustain and grow a profitable financial advice business. It boils down to a battle of administration versus efficiency. Scalability is now the holy grail for financial advisers.

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The case for active asset allocation is undeniable

Rising inflation, tightening interest rates and market volatility are firmly established trends for 2022. It’s a state of play that puts the active asset allocation front and centre.

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Financial adviser profitability: The fundamentals of success

Falling profitability 

The profitability of the average financial advice business has declined and is under pressure. But there are answers to the challenge available to every willing adviser. While the traditional model is under threat, the required changes may not be as significant as you suspect. 

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Advisers: What to do about the bubble trouble?

The renowned value investor and GMO co-founder, Jeremy Grantham, has stated that the US market is now in the fourth superbubble of the last hundred years.

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Allan Gray adds Dynamic Asset Portfolios to Solutions platform

Allan Gray has added Dynamic Asset Managed Account Portfolios to its Solutions Platform, encompassing Allan Gray Superannuation, Retirement (pension) and Investments (IDPS).

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Managed accounts solutions are not all the same for financial advisers

The two significant trends in contemporary financial advice are active portfolio management and Managed Accounts. While the client and business drivers are independent, both innovations are transforming financial advisory practices.

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