Compliance: A Burden or an Invitation to Create a Competitive Advantage?

A large portion of the financial advice sector is struggling under mounting compliance and governance demands, prompting some to leave the industry. While the old way of doing business is becoming less and less profitable amid higher regulatory costs, some advice firms are taking advantage of the regulatory reforms to find better solutions for their business and gain a unique competitive advantage.

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Active Portfolio Management is Transforming Risk Management

Today's unprecedented market conditions have heightened investor uncertainty. Newspapers are reporting on fears of rising inflation, following a downward trend over the last three decades. Furthermore, central banks suggest that record-low interest rates will rise sooner than previously assumed. These shifts could have dramatic implications for traditional asset classes, with an impact on portfolio risk management.

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Why it's time for advisers to drop the 60/40 asset allocation

Structural changes in global investment markets are casting doubt on the revered 60/40 asset allocation traditionally utilised by financial advisors. Rather than boosting returns and protecting investors during downturns, it could fail to deliver an adequate mix of protection and returns. 

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InterPrac adds Dynamic Asset Portfolios to Approved Product List

Listed Australian Financial Services Group, InterPrac, has added Dynamic Asset Managed Account portfolios to their Approved Product List (APL).

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The Lander Report - Market & Portfolio Insights

Welcome to the latest edition of The Lander Report.

In this quarterly video update, Dynamic Asset's Portfolio Manager,  Dr Jerome Lander discusses the state of financial markets, portfolio insights and what this means for Financial Advisers and their clients.

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The value of differentiating your advice business

When prospective clients ask why they should choose your advice firm over another, are you able to provide them with a compelling reason that clearly makes you stand out from the competition?

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Dynamic Asset continues to build supporters as COVID drives managed accounts surge

Dynamic Asset Consulting recently announced that privately-owned financial adviser dealer group Finchley & Kent has added the Dynamic Asset Managed Account and investment management solution to its approved product list (APL).

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How to choose the best managed account solution

Once you've determined that your financial advice firm would benefit from the efficiency and transparency of a Managed Account solution, or you're simply starting to explore options, then the next step is to find a platform that will meet the unique needs of your business and clients. 

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How the right investment portfolios help advisers with client goal matching

Regulators are increasingly asserting that financial advisers must provide solutions that directly meet their clients' financial goals. At the same time, investors are demanding a better customer experience and more personalised services.

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New Design and Distribution Obligations for Financial Advisers: Are You Ready?

Ensuring that your advice business model is genuinely client-centric will become even more critical from 5 October 2021, when new Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO) comes into effect. This follows findings that complex product design and poor distribution practices have led to bad outcomes for consumers. Simply providing information does not always help clients make good financial decisions. 

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