What today's clients value from financial advisers

The world today is ruled by clients. Clients, customers, consumers; call them what you may. Never before have clients had so much access to information, or been so highly empowered to make informed purchase decisions. This requirement is the new norm for adviser-client retention and business growth.

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How to link portfolio management to client goals

There are tremendous benefits available to financial advisers, and their clients, by linking portfolio management directly to client goals.

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Promoting the value you create as a financial adviser

Financial advisers can sometimes struggle to communicate the total value of advice to prospective clients - particularly in the face of concerted campaigns around industry super, index funds and emerging low-cost Robo advisers. However, a new report by Russel Investments has made it easier for advisers to create a clear, credible and attractive client value proposition that they can use to promote their business.

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The future proof business model for financial advisers

A thriving financial advice business looks very different today than it did only a few years ago. Increasingly stringent regulations and higher client expectations have left traditional advice firms struggling to make headway - with thousands exiting the industry. Interestingly, advisers prepared to adopt a modern financial planner business model are quickly filling the void and boosting their profitability at the same time.

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The Lander Report - Market & Portfolio Insights

Welcome to the latest edition of The Lander Report.

In this quarterly video update, Dynamic Asset's Portfolio Manager, Dr Jerome Lander discusses the state of financial markets, portfolio insights and what this means for Financial Advisers and their clients.

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How COVID-19 has Changed Portfolio Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended world economies, bringing with it sweeping changes in the way money is managed. Strategies that worked well to generate wealth in the past are likely to bring disappointing results in the years ahead, making it vital for financial advisers to adjust how they approach portfolio management.

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Top four ways to revamp your financial advice business during lockdown

Being in lockdown can bring feelings of uncertainty and despondency, but taking advantage of the imposed downtime to work on your advice business may help instil hope and position your firm for a brighter future once the pandemic is behind us.

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Compliance: A Burden or an Invitation to Create a Competitive Advantage?

A large portion of the financial advice sector is struggling under mounting compliance and governance demands, prompting some to leave the industry. While the old way of doing business is becoming less and less profitable amid higher regulatory costs, some advice firms are taking advantage of the regulatory reforms to find better solutions for their business and gain a unique competitive advantage.

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Active Portfolio Management is Transforming Risk Management

Today's unprecedented market conditions have heightened investor uncertainty. Newspapers are reporting on fears of rising inflation, following a downward trend over the last three decades. Furthermore, central banks suggest that record-low interest rates will rise sooner than previously assumed. These shifts could have dramatic implications for traditional asset classes, with an impact on portfolio risk management.

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Why it's time for advisers to drop the 60/40 asset allocation

Structural changes in global investment markets are casting doubt on the revered 60/40 asset allocation traditionally utilised by financial advisors. Rather than boosting returns and protecting investors during downturns, it could fail to deliver an adequate mix of protection and returns. 

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