How Managed Accounts Make Your Advice Business Better

Are you looking to service more clients efficiently, while still meeting each individual's unique investment needs? A Managed Account can do just that, leaving you with more time and resources to nurture your business.  

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How to evolve and future proof your financial advisory practice

The financial advice industry is in flux. Clients are increasingly aware of what constitutes quality financial advice and are seeking highly personalised and transparent services. At the same time, new industry standards are driving up compliance costs, putting traditional financial advice models into question. While this has led some firms to exit the industry, others see the changes as an opportunity to evolve their business in order to remain competitive and even boost their profitability.

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How goals based advice creates positive investor psychology

Fortunes have been lost because typical investor psychology rarely aligns with investment success. Most investors can recount stories of losing money after excitedly buying at the top to later sell at the bottom or following the crowd into an overhyped stock. This is why astute financial advice firms are switching to goals based investing; an approach that embraces – instead of struggling against – investor psychology for superior results.

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Implementing Goals Based Investing in your Financial Planning Business – Part 1

Investment advice is often considered by both clients and financial planners as a vital component of a thriving financial planning business, making it essential to get right.

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Jerome Lander: Strategic Asset Allocation is prone to failure

Dynamic Asset Portfolio Manager, Jerome Lander, discusses the risks of strategic asset allocation - particularly during the very difficult market conditions we face today. He argues that unless you're prepared to change the way you manage your client's money, there's really no way to manage that risk.

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Protecting your advice business during a downturn

market correction can spell disaster for financial planning business. Time is lost calming clients’ nerves rather than building your business, some clients may even leave after seeing their capital shrink and your income may plunge along with the market. But this is not true for all financial planning firms; some businesses thrive during weak market conditions, which provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate their value. 

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The Financial Adviser Solution for Today's Economy: Video Podcast

Goals Based Advice is just the first step in Goals Based Investing.

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Why the Bulls are Wrong

Equity markets have bounced well over 20% since the lows just over a month ago, so technically we are already in a new bull market. 

With peak new cases now behind us, the economy agitating to reopen and governments starting to ease restrictions, is the massive fiscal and monetary stimulus in the pipes about to prove the bulls spectacularly right?

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How to manage portfolios for downside risk

During market downturns, investors are commonly advised to stick with their strategic asset allocation rather than crystalise their losses in the hope that the downturn will be short lived and that returns will revert to historical norms.

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Why goals based advice FOR FINANCIAL ADVISERS?

The purpose of any advice business is to help its clients to achieve what they want to achieve. So, why is talking about goals-based advice seen as being 'different' from what financial planners have always done?

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