How to Manage Goals Based Investment Portfolios

The effective management of goals based investment portfolios requires strong investment skills together with ample time and resources, but in return, rewards financial advice firms with satisfied clients and superior business outcomes. 

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3 mistakes to avoid when picking a fundie

There has rarely been a more urgent time to assess whether your money is being optimally managed. Market valuations are close to all-time highs while risk levels are high and long-term real return prospects are near zero. We anticipate re-runs of 2020 over the coming years, with more volatility and markets that ultimately go nowhere.

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Protecting your advice business during a downturn

market correction can spell disaster for financial planning business. Time is lost calming clients’ nerves rather than building your business, some clients may even leave after seeing their capital shrink and your income may plunge along with the market. But this is not true for all financial planning firms; some businesses thrive during weak market conditions, which provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate their value. 

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The Financial Adviser Solution for Today's Economy: Video Podcast

Goals Based Advice is just the first step in Goals Based Investing.

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How to manage portfolios for downside risk

During market downturns, investors are commonly advised to stick with their strategic asset allocation rather than crystalise their losses in the hope that the downturn will be short lived and that returns will revert to historical norms.

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Why goals based advice FOR FINANCIAL ADVISERS?

The purpose of any advice business is to help its clients to achieve what they want to achieve. So, why is talking about goals-based advice seen as being 'different' from what financial planners have always done?

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Protecting a portfolio against sequencing risk

Sequencing risk is one of the most important things to consider when constructing your investment portfolio.

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Why Advisers Should Choose Goals Based Investing?

In short, advisers are more likely to succeed in meeting their client’s financial needs by adopting a Goals Based Investment (GBI) approach that encompasses dynamic asset allocation, than by following the traditional risk-based strategic asset allocation methodology that has been common practice over the previous few decades.

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What is Goals Based Investing?

The premise of Goals Based Investing is to focus each investment portfolio on specific individual personal and lifestyle goals. Those goals inform the right timeframe, risk and return parameters, which in turn determine the best asset allocation and investment mix. Goals can be short-term, such as taking a holiday, medium-term, such as renovating or paying school fees, and long-term, such as saving for retirement.

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A Better Retirement Portfolio Solution for Volatile Markets

Superannuation and pension accounts form a significant portion of financial advisory firms’ business, but many advisers struggle to solve the strategic issues that affect this segment, such as sequencing risk and, as lifespans increase and people’s health improves, the conundrum of longevity risk.

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