How to be a successful financial adviser

A greater focus on the client makes for better business.

In today's increasingly complex world, consumers need quality financial advice more than ever. Yet many advice firms are struggling; overburdened by regulatory and compliance obligations that are making it difficult to scale their business and keep fees affordable, resulting in more work for not necessarily any more profit. Too often, these are the advisors that are failing to capture the opportunity to modernise their business in response to changing industry requirements and customer needs.

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The Lander Report - Market & Portfolio Insights

Welcome to the first edition of The Lander Report.

In this quarterly video series, Dynamic Asset's Portfolio Manager,  Dr Jerome Lander discusses the state of financial markets, portfolio insights and what this means for Financial Advisers and their clients.

JL Feb Update LF 150221

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How Managed Accounts Make Your Advice Business Better

Are you looking to service more clients efficiently, while still meeting each individual's unique investment needs? A Managed Account can do just that, leaving you with more time and resources to nurture your business.  

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Benefits of using managed discretionary accounts

Managed discretionary accounts (MDA) address two critical issues facing financial advice firms; the rising costand inefficiencies caused by increased compliance requirements and changing client expectations for better transparency and investment performance. 

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Is Passive Investing About to Fail Advisers? Big time

These aren’t normal times. All asset prices are inflated, and not just by a little bit. Arguably we are living through one of the biggest bubbles in asset prices of all time given the massive government support required to keep the bubble inflated with massively inflated valuations during such lacklustre economic conditions. At the same time, there is an indelible belief in passive and quasi-passive investing.  

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How to evolve and future proof your financial advisory practice

The financial advice industry is in flux. Clients are increasingly aware of what constitutes quality financial advice and are seeking highly personalised and transparent services. At the same time, new industry standards are driving up compliance costs, putting traditional financial advice models into question. While this has led some firms to exit the industry, others see the changes as an opportunity to evolve their business in order to remain competitive and even boost their profitability.

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Are risk profile portfolios heading for the rocks?

More than a correction – a change of cycle

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that it’s a dangerous time in markets for investors. Governments and Central Banks around the world have reacted by pumping in immense amounts of stimulus to maintain price stability. But the more astute observers recognise this is a band-aid, not a permanent solution, and that traditional Risk Profile or SAA portfolios are not designed to navigate, or even survive, the future. 

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Protecting your advice business during a downturn

market correction can spell disaster for financial planning business. Time is lost calming clients’ nerves rather than building your business, some clients may even leave after seeing their capital shrink and your income may plunge along with the market. But this is not true for all financial planning firms; some businesses thrive during weak market conditions, which provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate their value. 

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How to align your client’s goals with their investment portfolio

The traditional risk-based investment approach, which determined how a client’s assets are invested based on their risk profile, aims to maximise returns for a given level of risk. Success is measured by comparing returns against market benchmarks, suggesting that investors should be pleased with negative returns, provided they are less negative than the benchmark! The approach also entails a high level of volatility that can decimate a client’s capital, particularly if they need to access their funds in the near term or lose faith in their investment plan and crystalise their losses.

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The Financial Adviser Solution for Today's Economy: Video Podcast

Goals Based Advice is just the first step in Goals Based Investing.

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