At Dynamic Asset, we exist to make superannuation and wealth management better in every way for Australian investors and advisers.

There’s a problem. Investors are not getting the risk-adjusted returns they should. There is too much investment risk that comes from a reliance on outdated theories and institutional approaches. The conventional method is not aligned with what individuals need from their investments.

Now there is a choice. Dynamic Asset uses an active investment management approach called Goals Based Investing. The concept is simple - it directly links investor goals with their investment portfolio.

For advisers, the Dynamic Asset portfolio management solution unlocks new opportunities for your business. Opportunities for increased client capacity, greater client satisfaction and improved retention. It opens up new ways to apply your skills and positions your business with a new level of customer focus.

The Dynamic Asset solution is a turn-key solution for business growth.

It’s time for a better way. Become a Dynamic Asset partner.


We’re a very
different type

of investment company

Dynamic Asset enables you to use true end-to-end Goals Based advice and an aligned investment approach within your business. It begins with your understanding of your clients and their goals. This understanding can be easily and efficiently linked to actively managed portfolios. Each portfolio is targeted to achieve specific client goals including cash flow, risk or return. The aim is to achieve significantly higher probabilities that your clients will meet their goals. This means reducing the real risk that they will not achieve their goals.

Many in the industry acknowledge that the traditional risk profiling approach contains real-world flaws. It does not necessarily relate to or even consider specific investor goals and therefore often does not align investments with client goals. It assumes that past performance will be reproduced in the future. It does not consider timing risks to investors. There is a better way.



A turn-key solution that’s built for business growth

As a financial adviser, your business success is linked to your capacity to serve as many clients as possible in a high quality and efficient way. You want to deliver the best results you can for them and you want your clients to understand and be satisfied with what you do. These are all key attributes to a successful business, but of course, these pillars of success are in constant competition.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had time to serve more clients, while simultaneously increasing client satisfaction and retention?

Dynamic Asset Consulting can help by providing a turn-key business solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing business practices and systems.



Investment management that directly matches your client’s needs

Under the risk profiling approach, there is no genuine link between your client’s investment goals and how their investments are allocated. That is, how they ‘feel’ more often than not has no relationship to what they ‘need’. This makes it very difficult for your clients to understand why you are investing in what you do. They don’t really understand how it meets their needs or turns into predictable and reliable results.

Risk Profiling and Portfolio Optimisation encourages us to have faith in the long-term performance of assets, but short and mid-term results are unpredictable. This volatility creates real timing risk for your client’s investments which can have devastating consequences for your clients and expose your business to the risk of having unhappy clients. 

The Dynamic Asset solution allows you to directly match your client’s financial objectives to a portfolio of carefully selected and actively managed investments that aim to deliver significantly higher risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility, therefore, increasing the probability of better outcomes for your clients. Dynamic Asset reduces the real risk to your client and your business.



Improved client satisfaction and retention

Goals Based Investing changes the dynamics of client relationships and review meetings. Because your client's goals are directly linked to the investment portfolios and portfolio performance is achieved with lower levels of investment volatility, conversations with your clients are clearer, more readily understood and positive.

The conversation about tracking progress towards a specifically targeted result makes more sense. It's a game-changing conversation that dramatically increases client engagement and satisfaction and what you can expect when using the Dynamic Asset investment management solution.

Advisers that are recognised as being more client-focused typically have more highly satisfied clients and receive the recognition and kudos they deserve. Improvement in client satisfaction is linked directly to increased retention and referral, which has the effect of turning your new business development activities into higher levels of growth and profitability.



Increase your client capacity by up to 40%

Most advisers spend around 30% of their time on investment research, analysis, portfolio construction and portfolio management. The time spent on this creates a capacity cap on the number of clients that can be managed by an individual adviser.

The Dynamic Asset solution dramatically simplifies this. You no longer have to allocate so much time to researching, building and managing portfolios. The time saved is time created for managing your client relationships, understanding their needs and guiding their portfolio management with greater efficiency. The outcome is increased capacity, revenue and profit.

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A solution that integrates seamlessly with your business

The Dynamic Asset service is a turn-key solution that integrates seamlessly into your business. Because it was built by planners for planners, we can provide you with everything you need to deliver goals-based investment to your clients.

Your management of client relationships remains the same but becomes more client-focused, efficient and transparent.



A business model that’s right for today and tomorrow

Every adviser clearly understands the increasing demands of compliance regulation and the industry costs of negative publicity. Regulators are searching for greater transparency and better client outcomes.

For independent financial advisers, it’s getting harder to keep up with the demands of increasing costs and regulatory requirements, while attending to the needs of your clients.

The answer is to operate with higher efficiency and scale your business by taking on more clients and reducing client churn. Dynamic Asset is the solution you’ve been searching for.

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