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The reason behind
Dynamic Asset

Dynamic Asset was established by financial planners who were frustrated by the real-world limitations of conventional risk-based investment portfolio management. Not only did it not work consistently, but it also often didn’t meet the needs of their clients. It was flawed, which meant unacceptable risks to both the clients and their business.

The team wanted to provide a more customer-focused service and investment solution. They wanted portfolios to allow for different goals; be it timeframes, liquidity requirements, return targets or risk management. Unable to find the right answers through traditional services, they decided to build their own. To help them with this they brought together a team of highly experienced experts working to develop, manage and continuously monitor the investment portfolios.

The Investment Committee

The purpose of the Dynamic Investment Committee is to critically assess the asset allocation of each portfolio in line with the stated objectives of each specific portfolio.

The role of the Committee is to oversee and provide governance over the Investment Program’s strategy and implementation, including developing, selecting, managing and monitoring the Program’s investments, asset allocations, and investment strategies.

The Committee has authority and responsibility to:

  • Establish objectives and measures by which the performance of investments will be evaluated, including the adequacy and timing of reporting
  • Monitor the performance of all investment managers, investment products, investment options, and all other assets of the Program
  • Monitor compliance with investment mandates
  • Make strategic recommendations regarding the program, investment approach, philosophy and beliefs
  • Recommend other material changes including the program’s structure, hiring or dismissal of service providers and the appointment of the program’s Portfolio Manager.

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Matthew WalkerChairman of the Investment Committee

Matthew Walker's role as Chairman of the Investment Committee is to provide oversight to the operations of the Investment Committee, implementation, administration, reporting and compliance within the governance framework. 

Matthew is the founding Chairman of the Association of Goals Based Advisers (AGBA), the peak advisory body for professional advisers and relevant industry associates in goals-based investments.

Matthew is a Certified Financial Planner® Professional and a Registered Tax Agent. Having worked as a specialist financial planner since 1991, Matthew has extensive experience as a financial adviser and Goals Based Investing. He holds a deep understanding of the dynamics of the financial planning and wealth management industry.

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Economics and Finance from the University of NSW and a Diploma of Financial Planning from Deakin University.

Dr Jerome LanderPortfolio Manager

As Portfolio Manager, Dr Jerome Lander has responsibility for asset allocation, fund manager selection and portfolio construction of all the Goals Based Portfolios. His experience in asset management and investment strategy provides strong capabilities in multi-asset class investment management.

Dr Lander is well known in the institutional investment community and has 20 years of investment experience. He worked for many years as an institutional investor in Australia including Chief Investment Officer of the WorkCover insurance fund where he was responsible for managing a $12 billion institutional investment fund, reporting to the Investment Board. In that time the investment fund ranked as the best institutional investment fund of its kind in Australia and the best performing of all Mercer’s (nearly 100) institutional clients.

He has also been a Director of Investment Consulting for Russell Investments, a Diversified Assets Portfolio Manager at Credit Suisse and Head of Manager Research for Van Eyk. Jerome has also served as a Board member for the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA).

Initially qualifying in both medicine and surgery with first class honours, Jerome has since received a Masters of Business and Commerce with a Finance specialisation and a Certified Investment Management Analyst qualification.

Brook SweeneySenior Investment Consultant, Lonsec Investment Consulting

Brook is a Senior Investment Consultant with Lonsec Investment Consulting. Brook has almost 20 years’ experience in the Australian and UK financial service industry, with the vast majority of his experience in asset consulting and research roles.
He started his career as a research analyst with Morningstar in 1999, before moving into Policy roles at IFSA (Investment and Financial Services Association – now the Financial Service Council). Brook was Morningstar Associates Europe’s lead consultant for MetLife UK (the firms largest client in Europe). He also consulted to Morningstar’s largest Asian based clients, such as, DBS (Development Bank of Singapore) and was the daily trader of the white labelled Italian Banca Generalli Controlled Volatility managed fund. Brook returned to Australia in 2012 as the lead consultant to CBA’s Wealth Management & Advice team for Morningstar. He then spent 3 years working for CFS before joining Lonsec in January 2018 as a Senior Investment Consultant.
In this role, Brook provides portfolio construction advice, including fund research, selection and asset allocation to Lonsec's investment consulting’s clients including dealer groups, independent financial planning groups and industry super funds.

Andrew VallnerDirector, CPG Research & Advisory

Andrew Vallner has worked in investment management, research and consulting for 23 years and is currently Managing Director at CPG Research & Advisory, an independent asset consulting firm. He previously managed institutional money for the CUNA Mutual Group and pioneered a multi-manager listed investment company (LIC) approach as an institutional investment strategy. Andrew maintains an active interest in LIC research.

At CPG, Andrew publicly flagged the risk from various fixed interest defaults in Australia in May 2007, before recommending credit securities in late November 2008 and a model portfolio of defensive assets in February 2009. His clients have frequently topped national performance surveys.

Andrew has been an expert speaker at global events in Australia and Overseas on topics including Credit investing and Alternatives investing. Andrew contributes LIC, credit, alternatives and his broad multi-asset expertise to the DAC Investment Committee.

Stephen BuhlmanCertified Financial Planner

Stephen is a Certified Financial Planner® Professional and has worked as a Financial Planner since 2000. In addition to his CFP designation, Stephen holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Australia as well as a Diploma of Applied Finance.

As an adviser he has developed significant knowledge and skills in building strategies that meet his client’s long-term goals and objectives. Over the years Stephen has also developed a keen personal and professional interest in investment markets and portfolio management.

Dynamic Asset's goals-based approach resonates with Stephen’s own beliefs around client care, which involve customised strategies and client focused portfolios.

Stephen is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

Sean McGowanCertified Financial Planner

Sean McGowan is a Certified Financial Planner® Professional, Accredited Estate Planning Strategist AEPS® and LRS® Life Risk Specialist.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Economics with a double major in Economics and Finance from the University of NSW and a Diploma of Financial Planning (DFP) from Deakin University.

Sean has been working in the financial planning profession since 2001. Before working in his own business, he worked in boutique, medium-sized and institutional financial planning firms.

Sean has a host of experience building efficient portfolios and wealth management solutions to meet investors’ needs. Sean is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia and a Justice of the Peace.